Melsmon JAPAN
15,500.00 ฿ 15,500.00 ฿ 15500.0 THB
MELSMON PLACENTA is manufactured in Japan, and approved as a Pharmaceutical Product, with Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product, and listed on the Nippon Health Insurance Drug Tariff(NHI) and complies to Japanese Pharmaceutical Regulation
(2ml x 50’s)
Melsmon Placenta (high potency) premium
15,000.00 ฿ 15,000.00 ฿ 15000.0 THB
Melsmon Injection is an in-placenta injection used by Melsmon Japan for over 50 years after the Japanese Welfare Ministry approved its use in 1956. Melsmon Korea Corp. imports the origina end products manufactured in Japan. There has been not even one serious side effect report during its use in the past 50 years in Japan.
(2ml x 50’s)